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Nov 18
will you buy it??

will you buy it??

Nov 17

Congratz JHQ!!

Just tumblr -ing about JonasHQ, since today got their 10,000,000 million hits!!!

This site for Jonas Brothers Fan ROCKS!!

Check it out

Thanks Liz for create it!

Nov 17

One less lonely girl by Justin Bieber

Im not a fan of him but totally agree that the song is amazing and the vid too! thank to that song gonna buy his album =p

Nov 16

1st post! <3

twitter users you can follow me @sophierc too!! =p …. i started using my account again … lol bussy with life


im totally in love with the Jonas Brothers, attended to almost 10 concerts this summer, 09, also Demi Lovato, saw her twice, love Selena Gomez, met her at her 1st concert, but i cant say that she has a good voice lol!!! Love Honor Society too!

Move this summer to LA i was living in NYC, mom want to make a change.

In the house im the big sister, have 2 brothers who are twins Maddie and Liam. Out side home im the #7. Have 6 older brother whos ages are from 30s to 20s ….

New school new stuff, yeah but i survive!! Jane is a good friend ….

twilight fan, thanks well, Kayla … she loves deeply R.Ptaz, and the fact that i already watched the 1st one, like 40 times, end up …. being fan. dont hate pattinson, but hes not soo hot, neither cute, kinda like Jacob, so you can say already what team im on …..

just talked a bit of me, hope to keep writing on this ….

love soph